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  • So I set the Thumbnailsinfo to label instead of none or tool tips
    “ThumbnailsInfo”: “label”

    Now how do I get something to show up under the thumbnail? I couldn’t find anything in the documentation, but I see that two users here have pulled it off. Where do I add the info for the label to the gallery? I entered text into all three text boxes in the Gallery Manager.

    Thank you.

    Here is the page I’m trying to get the label to display on

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    You have to go to the nggallery folder open the gallery-dop-wall-grid-gallery.php and edit the label setting to none.

    In the “gallery-dop-wall-grid-gallery.php” I take it you’re refering to the “Info Thumbnails Display” setting, also called the “ThumbnailsInfo”? Wouldn’t setting the parameter “ThumbnailsInfo” to “none” mean that nothing will show up? I did try setting that to “none”, “tooltip”, and “label” already. When I set it to label I do get a black border at the bottom of the thumbnail but no words.

    I’ve seen this asked a lot, but no direct answers are given online. I do know that smarter people have done it because I see it on some pages that have been posted.

    To be clear, I want the label text to appear at the bottom of my thumbnail. Is there a particular field I need to setup in a certain way in the Gallery? Should text be showing up when I set the “ThumbnailsInfo” variable to “label” in “gallery-dop-wall-grid-gallery.php”? Am I missing something incredibly obvious, or is there something wrong with my install?

    I just bought the product from Code Canyon a few days ago. I noticed in some posts there was supposed to be an examples folder. Mine did not have that. The name of the zip is “codecanyon-2338182-wallgrid-gallery-wp-nextgen-gallery-template”

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    I’m sorry for the delayed response. I think there is a confusion. The examples are in nggallery folder:

    The shortcodes are:

    To set the labels under thumbnails example 2 settings are the solution:

    Thank you

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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