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  • Hi
    First, I just begun with making webpages, so this may be a totally noob question…

    I was able to implement the frontend and backend calendar on 2 different pages. The backend page will be secured with a pw.

    But how can I save changes in the backend calendar? When I reload the page, all changes are gone… When i switch to the frontend page, no changes made…

    Your documentation, which helped me a lot by implementing the calendars on my page, doesnt say much about how save changes and forward them to the frontend calendar…

    Does the JSON file already exist? or do I have to build my own php-script? I’d like it to be as easy as possible, no mysql and so on needed. Just make the klicks in the backend, save somehow and show them in the frontend…

    ok, I used the php’s on “dopbcp\php-database”. Seems to work so far… when I load the backend page, it creates a new table on phpMyAdmin named “schedule”.

    but the calendars don’t display anymore… (only the loading bar appears).

    Firefox says:
    “SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character”

    /dopbcp/assets/js/jquery.dop.BackendBookingCalendarPRO.js | Line:121

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    Ovidiu Support Team #5473


    Please send us a link so we can see the problem.

    Ovidiu Support Team #5708


    You have an error in this document: php-database/load.php. Try to fix it. If you fail, please contact us.

    Thank you.

    right. The error was a wrong connection value to the mySQL-Database. I got it to work on my online development site.

    On my local host I used XAMPP with php version 5.5. Your Javascript code doesn’t seem to work on php 5.5. It gets the parsing error mentioned above. (It looks like *if (data != “”)* is not allowed in php5.5, because it doesn’t like empty elements.

    I installed an older XAMPP Version with php 5.4 and the parsing error disapeared… Will this be fixed?

    Thank you and kind regards

    Ovidiu Support Team #6322


    We will look into this issue. This is the first time we encountered it. We will fix it in the next update.


    I have the same problem. It is not saving the fields.
    The link is

    I am using your example file.



    I got it to work. I found that when you extract the files with winrar it is not extracting all files.

    After deleting winrar and using win-zip it worked.

    Oana Support Team #9825


    I’m glad that the problem has been resolved and that everything is working properly.
    Please don’t forget to rate this item.

    Thank you.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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