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  • Editable customer profile and downloadable customer history would be great

    Option to bulk book for a customer (my customers make bookings like 12:00 – 15:00 every Wednesday for 3 months) so some way to add repeat bookings from back end, and can we manually add special price at the same time


    Dwolla integration would be a nice addition.



    An option to scale the blocked days between 2 different bookings in one calendar.

    Indeed bank transfer for payments.
    Thank you.

    Duplicate calendars it is very important to save the time working on settings.

    Thanks for your fine plugin!

    But I can’t really use it on certain sites, yet, because it lacks of a so essential function:


    I hope you will be able to implement that very, very soon :-)

    In Booking System Custom Posts, the language selector is of no use. The calendar still reads in English, even if you select French.

    In WordPress admin interface, we’d like you shorten Booking System PRO into Booking System, and Booking System PRO custom posts, into Booking Posts.

    Thanks again for the great work!

    All in all, very good start to a plugin. I’ve now purchased both this plugin and WooCommerce Bookings. Together, you have everything I need, but unfortunately, you each lack certain key components that the other has.

    Here’s a blue print for the perfect booking system:

    1) Set up a searching page like Kayak.com or the other trip planners where users can search for availability based on their preferences. Rather than having to select the exact product and then checking it’s availability, this would allow users to select the day they want to go and see what products are available. It would be ideal if they could see the different products, key product attributes, and price comparisons. My purpose has a lot of similar products, with slight differences that my customers may or may not care about. I don’t want them to have to go to each page to check availability and prices.

    2) Much more robust pricing options. My purpose requires a fixed base cost, plus an hourly rate that can vary based on the day of the week, and even the time of the day. For example, I’m renting a boat out for 5 hours, I need to charge an hourly rate, but I also need to charge a base cost for gasoline. I may want to charge a discount in the morning hours vs. the prime time hours in the afternoon. Also, if I want to give them the 5th hour at 50% off, that kind of flexibility would be great to have.

    3) Recurring Price Rules. I’ve seen a lot of people post about this, but I would like to echo the fact that it would make things a lot easier if you could just set your rules once for each day of the week. I can understand having time ranges, like January-May, you have one set of weekly rules, then June-September, a different set of rules. And it would make sense to have certain exempt days, like holiday specials. But obviously, it’s extremely tedious to have to go in and set each week one at a time.

    Hope this was helpful. And I’m hoping I’ll be able to use this plugin within the next year!

    I have asked you before and you have said it will come in future updates. Can you please insert his function to the plugin? It would help me alot.

    I want to be able to book both days and hours in the same booking.
    Exampel: I book saturday from 09:00 to monday 16:00.

    Can you please help with this? I think this is a very important function in a booking system.

    Robert Johansen

    Automatically reply to a booking request with an email template containing attachments. For instance the ability to create an email template containing Terms and Conditions, Rate Card, etc that is instantly sent back to the requestor upon sending a booking request through.

    Ability to block add the available dates. Currently when you select between two calendar days (say 1st to 31st of month), you are fixed to this. I would like to be able to set everything up for the year in advance and pop back in and make minor changes to specific days. As my rooms are mostly available for hire, this makes more sense than having the default be switched off. Indeed, even better would be that when you create a new Calendar every day from now until infinity is switched on by default (or at least to have a button in the settings that enables this.


    Thanks for this great script . me and our users love it. in my case we rent out horses in the riding hall and have 5 horses (5 items in calendar)
    when users want to book rent time in the hall they want to know who rent, is there a way to see who is booked the time ??

    my setup is i have hours booking and 5 items (5horses) for each hour. if 2 items are booked i would like to see in the front end who was booked the 2 items. the other three can be available as it is today .

    If we can’t see who is booked the time in the front end i would like to have this as a request….

    Keep up the great work guys :)
    Regards Chris

    Edit Reservations – this i kind of a big thing. It doesn’t look great when you have to cancel a guests whole reservation when they only want to move the booking to a day earlier. Especially when the booking forms have so much information to fill in. :)

    the ability to link to other calanders – just to block off dates. I use a lot of websites and they have this function to be able to change the availability on one calander and it changes all of them… it would be great if i only had to edit my calander. :)

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    The ability to charge extras per person.

    For example, if you are booking a hotel, you could have the option to set a field for number of guests/persons and then have an extra option for breakfast, which would charge per person based on the number of guests they entered.

    The ability to add more than one set of extras to a calendar. I would like to be able to add the number of guests, and then additional options for the guests, too.

    1. It should be possible to edit some reservations…
    2. Possibility to print out or create a PDF for reservations. So that you can give a contract to the user to sign.

    Indicate, if a day is partly booked with orange color. At the moments there is only red (fully booked) or green (no or a few bookings).



    as i was working with the booking plugin i found something that could be usefull for others too (any maybe can be used in the new versions).

    i needed my booking to be set up like:
    – but only one interval can be booked at once.

    so in the setup i added:

    Use start/finish hours – off
    Enable hours interval – on

    – with these settings it didn’t work for me.. it showed on the frontend:

    it took me some time to notice that the “Enable hours interval” onlye work if the “Use start/finish hours” is “on” too.

    to make the booking system work as i need, i had to change some code.
    (i’m not an expert in php, so i’m not sure this is a perfect workaround)

    in these files:

    change this:

    to this:

    for me now it works with:
    Use start/finish hours – off
    Enable hours interval – on

    on the frontend i have:
    and the visitor has to click only once on the time interval.

    (i’m not an expert in php, so i’m not sure this is a perfect workaround)


    ryanwalden21 has the best suggestion so far-

    1) Set up a searching page like Kayak.com or the other trip planners where users can search for availability based on their preferences. Rather than having to select the exact product and then checking it’s availability, this would allow users to select the day they want to go and see what products are available. It would be ideal if they could see the different products, key product attributes, and price comparisons. My purpose has a lot of similar products, with slight differences that my customers may or may not care about. I don’t want them to have to go to each page to check availability and prices.

    Pretty much the only thing missing, feature-wise, from being a really robust booking engine is the fact that when you go to Orbitz, Expedia, Hotwire, etc. you see a very simple search feature on the front-end.

    Were you to make a simple “row” where someone could choose a date (this is in your database for availability), a location (this is in your database, as calendars are associated with locations (just use the city/state for US folks)), and a simple “GO!” button (which essentially says in generic SQL terms “select * from tblName where date = datePicker and location = comboBox), and then sends the user to a second page where they can view all the search results, this plugin would be so strong. I would have gladly paid more for the plugin if this was available.

    I don’t know if it’s because the entire search function has to be self-contained and anchored on a single page, or what, but being able to put a search bar on top of an image at the top of a site and send the user to a 2nd page of results would really be ideal.

    We love the plugin on the whole, but one issue is becoming a dealbreaker.

    When morning checkout is enabled we find the front end display of the calendar confusing.

    For example if you check in on Friday and check out on Saturday, currently the calendar shows half of Friday and half of Saturday blocked off. It would be clearer to just show all of Friday and none of Saturday blocked off to indicate that the Friday night has been booked.
    We’d also like to see the whole day’s box blocked off rather than just a strip at the top. Basically just as you see in the back end version (it is also confusing that the front & back end versions differ in showing the same thing)

    It would be great if this could just be done using css but it doesn’t seem possible.

    I found a request for this well over a year ago and it seems to be a common issue. It would be great if it could be fixed.

    Thank you

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    Feature Request – Better reservation list overview in admin.

    Hi there, first off great plugin!

    We would like to know if it would be possible to improve the high-level overview of booking reservations in the back end. In other words, we would like our booking manager to be able to see the status of multiple items at-a-glance. The current backend reservations area is ok, but 1) the listings of the reservations are quite big/not-sortable list items, not very visual.

    As an example, we would love to see something like this:

    So, ideally in the back-end a booking manager would have two views:
    1) An overview calendar view
    2) a better, small, sortable table view

    Thanks in advance!

    Hello, thanks for your work done… think I have it useable without any modifications,

    Would love the following enhancements,
    – Have the Tooltip information and/orBooking Name in the front end visible as with the backend (Very usefull for secured booking systems and enhance social availability to members.

    Decide if an Hourly booking system shows Orange/yellow when the calendar is partly booked instead of green/red only

    And ofc , impatient to get the front end cancellation feature going…


    Can there be a feature for parallel or chained payments with Paypal?
    Can the deposits be fixed items per person? (You guys made a modification in my code, but i can’t update because it isn’t there)
    I can pay for this features, thank you very much.

    Here are two applications that have ask to me on several occasions :

    1) to print a list of book on A4 format with name, product and dates of Booking

    2) to create a calendar that pools 2 other calendar/products – handy for “formulas” . Example: If I book the Calendar “C” – Calendars “A” and “B” are also reserved ..

    Thank you !

    Hi to all team,

    It could be great if… you could put Paris in a bottle… sorry joking before asking:
    A calendar setting for front end: booking activated only for logged people (costumers). The others can see the calendar but can’t book.

    May be in 2017 :) i will wait … :)

    best regards

    Loïc (from Paris (in a bottle))

    Sorry this is a mistake :(

    any progress on the 2 big things that keep being asked for?

    1. ability to edit bookings
    2. ability to print booking summery

    the lack of these functions is a major problem for real world use of an otherwise very nice plugin

    oh and PLEASE do not give the stock answer of ‘may be in a future update’ or ‘this is custom work, email for quote’ how about a yes or no answer or even better still a date when to expect to see it

    Please add pending status in front end.

    Thank you!

    I am requesting a feature update mainly to be able to edit already submitted bookings on the back end, including the ability to edit any part of the booking, and to be able to export and print.

    I am also wondering if you could add the option of auto fill in the “finish at” portion of the check in based off what they click on in the calendar. At this point they are basically having to choose the time slot twice, once on the calendar, once at the “Start at, Finish at” section.


    I would like to improve the User Experience (UX) of the plugin. I’ve had several customer returns on the fact that there is too much information to deal with in one time.

    So I would like to have the same system as now, but with a stage to stage layout.

    First, just show the calendar, then when the date is selected, hide the calendar and show the available hours, then hide the hours and show the extras, and finally hide the extras to show the application form. A bit like the calendar you can find on the right of this page : http://www.lafourchette.com/restaurant/le-sw/17926

    Is it possible to have this feature developped by your team ? If yes, do you have an idea of the time it would take to get te feature?

    Thanks in advance,



    While editing calendars availability, the ability to translate the black buttons (Submit/Reset/Close).

    Thank you.

    the plugin first of all needs to have better search filters.

    the price filter is not working as it is supposed to do in a booking site.

    For example, if you have a calendar of a room that costs 100 $ a day for the month september
    and 200 $ for the month august,
    when a client is searching for booking at august and set the price at maximum 100 $
    the room that costs 200 $ will appear.
    As you understand this creates confusion and instant loss of business….

    Also filters for amenities should be considered searchable and/or extras

    I am willing to pay extra for anyone that has the knowledge to implement these basic functionalities.

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    It would be great if there is a frontend dashboard to edit calendars. We have multi-users and they are not allowed to access the backend.

    in the future, can create a taxi booking as holiday taxis.

    We have an activity based company, we would like the ability to schedule multiple events on a single day and have different activities combined in a single calender. At the moment to do this using the current plugin we have played around with the “Extras” feature and this kind of works but is a bit messy, we could also work with multiple calenders but would have to manually check for double bookings and cross reference the calenders ourselves. The other issue that we have is each activity takes up a different amount of time, some may be an hour and some 30mins. What would be great is if customers could check a box for the activity first and then it takes them to the appropriate calender or filters the available time slots.


    I use the bookings calendar for a vacation rental company that has a number of users.

    Those users manage all areas of the booking system for all of the properties that they manage. This means that they all need the ability to edit discount, coupons, rules, locations etc. for all of the properties.

    As the administrator supporting the client, I also need to be able to see everything and administer the site to help them with problems.

    At the moment, Marion has had to tweak the code to make this possible. In future, I wish there were more permission controls that would make working as a team possible.



    still waiting on this feature which should have been a feature/option from the start of this plugin. This is a HUGE overlook… we need to be able to Edit Reservations… at least just the Times and Days. Having to Cancel a Reservation just to change the Time is horrible.

    Individual calendar admin at UI frontend page
    – so each non-technical and no wp access permit level team member can easily update their own calendar only with day to day availability changes.

    I wish there could be different pricing options for adults and children.
    Thanks to consider!

    Any update on requested features?
    1, ability to edit bookings
    2, past midnight hourly booking
    3, ability to print reservations
    4, different per hour prices in same day

    To have a discount to apply to specific days in calendar.

    It is possible that the page runs automatically until the button “buy” when someone reserves a date on the calendar ?
    Currently, the booking calendar works but buyers do not need to go down to the ‘buy’ button to confirm the command.
    Bravo for your high quality work and thank you for your reply.

    I really really need the following. So much so that i will pay for customisation. Let me know if thats possible!

    1. Edit reservation after its been confirmed. It will also be good if the script can send out revised paypal invoices when that happens (say if the deposit amount is increased as a result.
    2. Edit payment details. For example, i manually added bookings. but my schedules rules that 50% deposit needs to be given. The script will automatically assume 50% has been paid, although thats not true. It will be good if manually added bookings can have manually edited payment details.
    3. Structured payment receipt for printing.

    Thats all folkes!

    I would love the possibility to select different extras from the same calendar settings for different seasons. In that way I can pair different adult seasons prices for the same calendar/room.

    Would love to be able to have some general settings like currency, date format, check-out days etc so that you can create calendars more easily. Either that or the ability to duplicate existing calendars with the same settings…

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    Repeating events/bookings please. Repeating events is a show stopper for us. Is this in the works at all?

    Thanks – great plugin!

    my wish would be an automatic default availability, so that timings can be defined for certain weekdays.
    Availability on Sundays is only at 09:00, 11:00 and 16:00 hrs, and only available timings should be shown on the calendar.
    Availability on Mondays is only at 07:30, 10:30 and 16:30, and only available timings should be shown on the calendar.

    I understand you are planning this for a future update, just wanted to place it here as well.
    Hope you don’t mind.


    Hi, I am using the Booking System Pro (WP Plugin) for booking coaching sessions. One of the features that I am missing (or don’t know how to implement) is providing discount if the student has a sibling enrolled on the same lesson.

    thanks for the ‘update’ the name change is really nice

    now how about some real improvements that will actually make this a workable plugin

    1, ability to edit bookings
    2, past midnight hourly booking
    3, ability to print reservations
    4, different per hour prices in same day

    The ability to choose an Admin Text colour!

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    Would it be possible to integrate mangopay payment system ?

    Best regards,

    Why is it that if I make a reservation on the back end it does give me the correct morning check out view? And then when I select 2 to 3 october it’s selected immediately right. And it reflects the same on the front end. IMHO this is a huge flaw in this otherwise perfect booking calendar.

    How hard can it be to incorporate this into the default admin calendar (when morning check out is selected)


    When admin turns on “Morning check out” on a calendar it should reflect in the default admin calendar.
    It makes admin reservations or blocking dates more easy!

    Please add the ability for each calendar to have multiple extra id’s
    eg: Calendar 1
    Extras ID 1 + Extras ID 2 + Extras ID 3
    Each Extra contains different items to be selected as upsells eg: Champage, flowers & chocolates with different values per item.

    On searchs, add the option to define more filters for the users, for example searching by locations, discounts, extras, etc. Exactly like now you can filter or not by hours.

    I have made rules for my calendar, so you have to book minimum 3 days for some calendars/rooms. Can this rule be made in the search-part of the booking system as well? it would save the user the inconvenience. The guests then won’t have to do a search –> go to the calendar –> find out they can’t book for less than 3 days –> go back to search–>start over..

    Is it possible to set the price for Monday to Thursday as $x
    Then Friday, Sat & Sundays to $y
    and then have this replicate across every month?

    Ability to auto accept request only if period is longer than x days…

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    I am just getting accustomed with this excellent and well designed plugin .
    Very happy about it.

    At the same time I have two of my clients, that both run small hotels in Crete, asking me if I could provide a solution for their bookings management that aggregates all their booking systems/channels. I wonder what it would take for your plugin to catch up with this global hotel trend to have ONE system for all their bookings via various channels (like booking.com, Expedia, airbnb.com etc). For future reference.

    Additionally, they show interest in some existing solutions out there, like https://www.myallocator.com.
    My question is if Booking System Pro could be integrated in the above manager, as I would like to use it on their website.
    This way they could manage some of their room availability directly from their website, in conjunction with bookings made via other channels.
    This would require you to make contact with MyAllocator and decide if this a feasible option for you.

    In my opinion, it would be a good idea to follow up with what thousands of businesses want worldwide.
    Having a single control/management tool for all bookings made through all subscribed channels, is the best option and is most needed.

    Please find the time to consider the idea and provide an answer as soon as possible.
    Kind thanks.


    Dear Dotonpaper team,

    I have a suggestion for a feature in the excellent Booking System Pro:

    Make the ‘Extra’ items really required. So any user will have to change the input for, for instance ‘No. of guest’ for booking a room, form 0 to > 0. If not, the form will not be submitted and trigger an error message.

    Please add this feature to the next version.


    – option for direct bank account transfer
    – option to increase amount in case of payment with paypal

    -Option to use more than 1 discount options in each calendar, and choosed by diferrent service types it change the discount.

    -Compatibility with “Aelia Currency Switcher for WooCommerce” (https://aelia.co/shop/currency-switcher-woocommerce/)

    – Or add extra metadata to cloned variations. add some actions, or filters, to the cloning process, so that i can hook the plugin into it

    Thanks and great job!

    Well, how I read other topics in forum,
    My sugestion is get use rules per period not per calendar, like explained below – this can “same” logic of discount price…

    a) Sugestion: At Booking System -> Calendars -> New Calendar -> Select period In Calendar -> In a right form with buttons (Submit, Reserv, Close) -> Set days availability -> And below this put the option to choice Rule, cause rules must be linked with period.

    ie. My site has at Monday to Thursday, minimum stay one night. Ok
    At weekend Friday at Sunday, minimum stay 2 nights.
    In a Holiday, minimum stay 3 nights.

    So this is very very important to me and others, so Is it possible to exist?
    Thanks again,
    Thanks again,

    It would be a great to have the chance to assign a calendar more than one coupon(code).
    In our case it is not about having lots of coupons with the same code available. We need to have lots of different codes available once.


    Google Calendar integration. This took so long to have this feature. I found years of old posts asking for this features. I know you can’t tell me the exact date it can be available, but atleast please tell me if it will be added this year or not.

    Date search widget that you can place in the sidebar on every page. When you click search, it redirects to a results page. PLEASE! So many clients request this feature!

    Modify the calendar prices/availability without override reservations.
    I think it’s an important feature, because, I have to change my reservations prices for 2016, but I have reservations in this period, and If I change the prices, It will override all the resevations!!

    Thanks a lot

    Calendar management is essential for a growing number of calendars.
    Sorting options are needed …and especially for my approach, a custom order option (drag n drop) would be ideal.

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