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  • Hello,
    When you scroll to the bottom of a long image caption, then advance to the next image, the caption position remains at the bottom.
    Please help, thank you.


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    Oana Support Team #9209


    I’m sorry for the late response.
    The problem still occur?

    Thank you

    Yes, it’s still occurring.
    An example can be seen between the first two thumbnails.
    Thank you.

    Oana Support Team #9349


    This feature is not available yet. It will be available in a future update but we can’t estimate when will be ready because we are working on other features.

    Please don’t forget to rate the item.
    Thank you for understanding.


    Just to be clear, this is confusing for the user, so I’d be reluctant to call it a feature. When a user clicks to the next image, they can’t see the title.

    Oana Support Team #9372


    You’re right about what you say. We will try to solve this problem as quickly.
    Thank you for understanding.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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