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  • Hi,

    I have some questions.

    1.- I use wp rocket cache that allows minificar files JS. Is it appropriate minificate files JS Booking System PRO?

    2.- I use a cdn service (MaxCDN). Is it appropriate to serve files JS Booking System PRO from the CDN? Does not this alter the correct functioning of Booking System PRO?

    Can you help me with this, please?.


    Sabina Support Team #64449


    1. I did not get the chance to test the WP rocket cache plugin.

    2. You can use a CDN plugin.
    If the calendar is not loading in the frontend, disable it.

    I am sorry for the late answer, I was away.
    Best Regards,
    Support Team

    Hi Sabina,

    Thanks for answering.

    The calendar is loading in the frontend correctly using a cdn. My concern is another.

    If I use the cdn, the files are hosted and served from the cdn.

    Can this interfere when someone tries to make a booking with the calendar?

    Although the calendar files are hosted on the cdn, is database synchronizing without problem?


    I don’t know for MaxCDN, but for cloudflare I can set rules, excluding specific urls or pages. Maybe this would work for your concern. I have cloudflare and actually I haven’t tested it yet with the booking script.

    Sabina Support Team #64474

    The plugin is loading data dynamically.
    It’s your call to use CDN or not.

    Best Regards,
    Support Team

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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