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  • I’m trying to integrate Opentip with this plugin and on a desktop it’s working fine. However, on tablets and mobile devices sometimes when you touch an item it will shift the item to the center or all the way to the left. (This behavior is regardless of Opentip.)

    Is there something I can just disable so it doesn’t do that? When sliding I should just be able to slide freely not have it reset and shift positions here and there.

    please advise, thank you.

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    On what device, OS, browser you have this problem?

    Thank you,

    iPad 2 iOS 5.1.1 Safari, Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 4.1.2

    Also do you have any tips for resizing for mobile? I’m using the UltraResponsive and it’s pretty sweet (good job) except for in portrait mode, it gets too small. Also sometimes it’ll knock the last image down a line (both in Android and iPad).

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    Can you please send us a link?

    Where can I send it to?

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    Write it here or to support@dotonpaper.zendesk.com

    Sent from my personal work email. Thanks.

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    I see the problem now. This is how it was intended to work. If you navigate in Lightbox, in backend the thumbnail is selected.
    To stop this go to dopts/assets/js/jquery.dop.ThumbnailScroller.js and comment lines 2250, 2254, 2322 & 2326.

    Awesome, that’s what I was looking for. Sometimes it just moves all the slides just by touching an item, perhaps the “swipe” gesture is too easily picked up? Or does it register a touch as a swipe anyway?

    Also this might be out of the scope of support if so just let me know, but how do I keep touch/click events from bubbling? E.g. I touch an item to open a tooltip, then I hit the x to close the tooltip and the slides move?

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    Swipe starts on touchStart event which I guess is similar to click so you can’t really separate them.

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