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  • So you helped me implement the scroller on an html page. And i have it working fine.

    We use sharepoint and I was having a heck of a time then trying to incorporate it on an aspx page. Can you offer an advice.

    This is the page I want it on:

    It works off of a aspx template right now but I can also place code on the page itself. whenever i try to add the stuff in the head and then the body it never loads

    Right now you will see it display on the page however im using a page viewer sharepoint webpart that lets me display the html page i created it on with your help. But you can see I have to have the large white space to make it work. So if I can place it on the aspx page itself i can get rid of that white space.

    any help would be great. thanks

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    So if you want to add multiple scrollers in the header and the body you have to load all of the files for each scroller.

    i only want one. but i want to embed it on the aspx page. i tried doing what you showed me for the html page but it didn’t render. If the current aspx already has a style sheet would this style sheet interfere with it? the scroller on the page now is embed on an html page and I used a sharepoint webpart to display the page. i want to actually embed it onto the aspx page

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    We are not very familiar with aspx but if you generate the html page like in our example there shouldn’t be any problem.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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