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  • I have copied the example page to my system, but it only shows a working Example 3 and there is no equivalent code for Example 6 which I believe I need for my application. I am not an experienced Java or php programmer, and I simply want to show thumbnails auto-scrolling, with text descriptions and links to internal webpages. Essentially, I want to automate/animate this Featured Products on this website:
    As you can see, it is straight HTML (not a WP site) and I thought your script could help, but there is no real guidance that helps me on installation, so I need to use the example page as the base and build it up (I have used this technique before). But the example doesn’t really help.
    Is there working code example 6 based on the same folder/directories structure in the Example page I can use?
    Thank you.

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    Please send us the FTP info login in a private reply so we can check the problem.

    Thank you.

    Thank you for replying, but it is not live on a host yet.
    Your website and software seem to take an approach of expecting a very high level of Java and PHP competence. Please understand that I am not experienced at Java and PHP – I am trying to learn this after 12 years of mainly just HTML and some rather primitive template WP sites.
    As stated, this is NOT a WP website – it is straight HTML and I use Dreamweaver to construct the website where I test all pages, links etc before it is loaded up to the server. I want to insert this small script in the home page (first) to give it a bit more ‘life’. Later, other pages might get things like Calendars, live updates to stock features, etc. But if I can’t get this simple amendment off the ground, I will progress this client no further. It was supposed to be easy.
    I do not have the test pages online yet. I am experimenting locally, so my client can see the results before committing it to a live website. Surely the java and css code should work properly on my development computer stand-alone. Or am I missing something?

    Usually when I construct a plug-in, I download a file which says things like:
    * put this code in HEAD (and it gives the actual code)
    * put this code on BODY (and it gives the actual code example which I modify as required)
    * put this CSS code in your /script folder and make sure page links to it (easy)

    I could construct a dummy page with some attached folders, code, css, etc and let you have the URL. You could then look at it in IE and check the source. But I have nothing I can put on the dummy page – there is nothing in the Examples page for Example 6.
    I can’t attach the file to this post, but you can find it in the ZIP download. It is in ../sources/dopts/index5.html As I said, it works fine for Example 3, but no other examples have code that shows working examples.

    Please advise if my constructing a dummy page will help you sort out the problem.
    Thank you again for replying – I quite obviously need all the help I can get.

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    Hello Roger,

    Yes, it would help this because I see how integrated the code and where the error may occur.

    Thank you.

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    It is curious that in page sent the example 6 appears. To be able to solve the problem, I need to see the code. Try to add in a test folder.

    Thank you.

    Yes – I agree that now ALL examples are working. But I still don’t know how to link my images, or set hyperlinks, or resize the scroller boxes – or do any of the customisation suggested. Can this only be done by altering the CSS and other code manually?

    Am I right is assuming that this whole program is supposed to be for a WordPress website and NOT a straight HTML website?

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    No, this is only for HTML. Please try this:
    1 – Copy the entire folder “dopts” on your root.
    2 – Create the folder “thumbs” in folder “images-test”
    3 – open dopts/xml/content6.xml and replace this:

    with this:

    4 – open dopts/json/content6.json and replace this:

    with this:

    5 – if you want to opened when Clicked on images ,add the address in “Link”

    Please check: http://dopstudios.net/ovidiu/

    Thank you.

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