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  • How to achieve images at fullscreen? I noticed in the demo before purchase that you had some really nice fullscreen images (edge to edge. Did you crop those down so they are extra wide. all of my 1920×1080 images won’t go fullscreen. Of course, fullscreen here is not true fullscreen, there are still bars at top and bottom of window. What is the trick?

    Expanded: Is True Fullscreen not supported?

    Ovidiu Support Team #6309


    To set fullscreen you have to set the height and width of the gallery to 100%.

    Could you be a little more specific and and give details please. I already tried setting the gallery size in json file to 100% 100%, and the gallery would not work at all.
    Are you talking about a change in the CSS, or some other parameter.

    Could you provide the formula you used to achieve your fullscreen demo? Image takes up fullscreen and thumbs over image.

    excerpt from json:


    Ovidiu Support Team #6385


    Also make sure that you set responsive to false.

    “Width”: 100%,
    “Height”: 100%,
    “BgColor”: “f1f1f1″,
    “BgAlpha”: 100,
    “ImagesOrder”: “normal”,
    “ResponsiveEnabled”: “false”,

    “ThumbnailsPosition”: “bottom”,
    “ThumbnailsOverImage”: “true”,

    Still nothing but a white screen… no gallery function.
    So I tried these settings on the default files from the download… only get the html page with no gallery.

    Can not achieve fullscreen by setting 100% to the gallery and Responsive Enabled to False in json.

    Ovidiu Support Team #6389

    Can you please send us a link so we can check the issue.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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