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    Please send us the WP admin and FTP info login in a private reply.

    Thank you

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    This happens because the NextGEN cache. After each change made in the template, save and then go to WP Admin – > Gallery -> Other Options -> Miscellaneous -> Clear image cache , the changes will appear on the site.
    Please check:

    Thank you.

    Great, thanks. I’m nearly done.
    Is there any way to speed up the thumbnail load time? It’s very slow compared to the standard NextGEN thumbnails, and my old Wall/Grid galleries.

    Oana Support Team #25419


    The Gallery is always initialized after all the content is loaded, so all the content will be visible and after the Gallery shows.
    Glad I could help. Please take a few seconds to rate the item here.

    Thank you.

    It’s so slow now that I can’t use Wall/Grid anymore. I was great before I upgraded NextGEN.

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    We will try to find a solution to improve the loading time of the images.

    Thank you.

    Thanks! I appreciate your help.

    Also, the Wall/Grid Gallery works perfectly on all my other websites that have small-medium sized galleries. It’s just this very large gallery that gives me heartburn.

    Marian Support Team #25927


    We will add progressive loading in one of the future update and that will fix your problem.

    Best Regards,
    Support Team

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