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  • Hi,


    I upgraded to th latest version of nextgen gallery(2.0.40) 2 days ago, and have a weird issue that came up.
    Some of the galleries loads normally the first time, but after refreshing th page, the Div is empty. You can repeat this on most of the galleries on the site: first time is fine, second time dos not appear.
    Some of the galleries on the other hand, throw a js error :

    Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method ‘DOPNextGENThumbnailGallery’


    What I have tested so far:
    1 – I hav updated to th latest version of DOP-gallery
    sam issue, so I reverted, as I would have to implment all my style changes again, so would lik to resolve it on the previously working vresion first, before I make the updates/changes

    Please any help would be gratly appreciated, as the site is supposed to go Live this week, and all was ready, whn this appeared, and my client is not happy….

    Thanks for looking into this

    as I can’t edit my post, I reply.
    So I resolved the issue with th JS error, this does not occur anymore, but the issue with th gallery disapearing the second refresh consists.
    To make this more weird, after some time, the gallery shows again.. for one time.

    I have basically tried to disable all plugins, still no change.

    Support Team Support Team #7898


    Please send us admin & FTP login info in a private reply. On refresh the the gallery files don’t load and I’m not sure if this is a NextGEN problem or a template problem.

    Thank you

    I’m having the exact same problem @sortofme described. What was the resolution to his problem?

    I was able to get it to work, but I had to NOT use the short code and instead add the nextgen gallery (Basic Thumbnails) through the toolbar icon on the edit page WYSIWYG editor and select the example #2 from the dop theme.

    My insertion code looked like this:

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    I’m having the same issue, where it works fine the first time you publish, and then on refresh it’s not there anymore. The fix BDS1400 used, to add it from the toolbar icon gives me the same issue, it shows up the first time and then disappears on refresh.

    I’m using the latest version of the DOP-gallery, WordPress 3.8, and the latest version of NextGen (2.0.40). I tried disabling all plugins, that didn’t help either. It did work well before the update to WordPress 3.8 and the latest version of NextGen, so that may be related.

    Let me know if you have any ideas, or if I should start my own topic. Thanks!

    @snoackstudios, my fix isn’t working any longer. I can’t figure out why it is intermittent. I am also using WP 3.8 and the latest Next Gen and DOP Gallery.

    @admin please let us know what steps to take.

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    I *think* its resolved….follow these steps:

    1. Rollback to previous version of NextGen Gallery – – I went back to 1.9.13
    2.Add short code to page/post: [nggallery id=1 template=dop-thumbnail-gallery-example2]

    I think the plugin is working properly, but NextGen 2.0.4 isn’t always calling the plugin.

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