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  • Hello.

    Im going crazy trying to get my gallery to go the full width of the page. No matter what adjustments I do to the thumbnail size, thumbnail spacing, or padding….. it won’t stretch the thumbnails all the way across the container. It seems as if there is a 30px padding on the right side of the container that prevents the thumbnails from going all the way across.

    If I increase the space between the thumbnails past 18px, or make the thumbnails larger… it makes 3 columns instead of 4, which is not what I need.

    I created a picture for more clarity. (notice the padding on the right, the thumbnails wont go past the yellow area for some reason)

    This is the website page:

    Please take a look. If you need to look inside my admin or private areas of the site, please let me know so I can send my login info. I explored all that I can do on this issue… I need a fix.

    Thank you for your time.


    Ovidiu Support Team #6381


    Please send us a link so we can check the problem.


    Besides the links I already sent you in my initial message…what other kind of links do you need?

    The page I’m having a problem with is:

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    The problem is a CSS conflict. It is caused by the following lines from themes/lotusflower/css/grid.css @lines 179 and 229 :

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