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  • I just tried to set up hours definition, but it doesn’t appears.After setting days avaibility, no other options appears.
    Yesterday it was working perfectly, i can’t understand what happened.

    Sabina Support Team #64275


    Have you enabled the “Use hours” option in the calendar settings ?
    When you are setting availability with hours are you checking both option for hours, in the availability form ?
    “Change hours definitions (changing the definitions will overwrite any previous hours data)”
    “Set default hours values for this day(s). This will overwrite any existing data.”

    During the winter holidays, 21 December 2015 – 4 January 2016, answers will be delayed.

    Best Regards,
    Support Team

    Dear Sabina,

    hours option disabled in “hours” section.
    Now it works fine.


    Sabina Support Team #64434

    Glad to hear it’s working.

    I am sorry for the late answer, I was away.
    Best Regards,
    Support Team

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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