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  • Need to uninstall or fix ASAP.
    Installed to and all technical pages (various galleries) wrecked and went from grid to one long column after install. Tried deactivating but still pages broke that were fine before install.

    i.e. Now images go down column – were in a grid prior to install.

    re: I was merely trying to add thumbnail titles -like this format/site (you helped earlier):


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    This is a template for NextGEN Gallery WordPress Plugin. You install the NextGEN Gallery (which I see you have) and you copy my template into your theme folder. View Installation Video (first video) from FAQ in documentation.

    Thanks for reply.
    Here’s what I’ve done/tried.
    1. Added folder to them file:screenshot2

    3. Edited short code per FAQ install/use instructions screenshot3

    and here is what it shows.
    screenshot4on this page:

    Note: Inside Gallery settings it shows semi-correctly screenshot5

    I see this (below)*, but am not a programmer and don’t know how or where to do this. How can we fix, or how can I go back to before install. I bought thinking it would be easy to manage for my client inside the WP admin area to create enhanced gallery grids (thumbnails with titles) – now I’m 2+ hours trying to modify code. It’s me, not you -but I just need to get solved since this is a live site. Thank you in advance.

    * 1. If the gallery does not show up, it might be because there is a problem with the JavaScript in your website. If you cannot identify the problem, contact us, including in the message a link to the page where the problem appears. We will identify and fix the issue for you. However, we will not fix the problems that are not caused by this plugin.

    2. If you use a child theme you need to copy the files in both parent and child theme.

    3. Another reason might be that you load more than one jQuery file into your theme. The proper way to load jQuery into your theme or plugin is:


    if (!wp_script_is(‘jquery’, ‘queue’)){

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    Please send me admin login info to This seems to be a CSS JavaScript error but I can see it because the galleries are under a password.

    Thank you

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    I found the problem. It seems that on some pages WordPress functions wp_register_style() and/or wp_enqueue_style() don’t work. I modified template 1 to load styles directly and now is OK.

    You should ask your WordPress Developer to see why this is happening because using those functions is how WordPress recommends to add styles into your themes and/or plugins.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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