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  • Hi, I have bought the thumbnail scroller… and I have a few little question.
    Here they are:
    – Is there any way to set specific height and width for a lightbox that open instead of seeing it take 95% of the screen ?
    – How can we call an enlarged version of the jpeg if we are to put some HTML in the lightbox content ?
    – In the following page, the border below the thumbnail is not displayed, how can we fix that ?


    Ovidiu Support Team #4666

    Hi martinbond,

    1. It is not possible.

    2. It is not possible.

    3. The height is too small 150px, must boost to 160px.

    Have a good day.


    Well, about point 2: I just realized that the image name is the same in the thumbnail on the enlarged version, so we can use that name to insert the image file manually in an HTML version of the lightbox

    About point 3, where is that 150 ?
    Also, can I have a thicker border that would be over the image instead of on the exterior side of it ?

    THANKS !

    Ovidiu Support Team #4961


    The height can be modified in the settings of the admin.

    When I save the default setting, i have a message that says it was succesful, but then the default setting are unchanged… how can I unlock that ?

    Ovidiu Support Team #4996

    You have to apply the default settings on the scroller.

    You did not understood my previous post.

    If I edit the content of the DEFAULT setting and I click to view them again, the values I just changed have not been saved even if I clicked on submit after editing and I saw “You have succesfully edited the default settings.”

    Ovidiu Support Team #5053

    Please send us the admin login info to and also please put the link of this topic in the email.

    Well, I replied by email this morning. Also I explained that since Thursay the script is not accepting images anymore…
    We are running in a shorter schedule now, hopefully you will help us really soon !
    Thanks ! :-)

    Ovidiu Support Team #5218


    Problem solved, now the default settings can be saved in the right way.
    Please check.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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