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  • Hello, i have just noticed you on Invento that i will post hier for help.

    It has to do with the lighbox, it wokrs all fine, but mine client is kinda pain in the ass.

    What he wants is when you click to inlarge the pic it must cover the screen without getting scroling bars.

    any help will be great.


    Guys please answerm this question, you told me trugh Invento that de support team will take a look at it but when? im waiting alredy 4 days!


    Ovidiu Support Team #6788


    Please send us a link to the issue so we can understand it better.

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    Ovidiu Support Team #6843


    Sorry this is not possible.

    Oke thanks for your effort.


    Ovidiu Support Team #6931

    Glad to help.

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