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  • Hi this is in regards to fixing the issue with the plugin. I’ll post a private topic after I start it.
    Thanks Ivan

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    For some reason the script files didn’t load. We added the piece of code in functions.php and everything is OK now.

    Thank you

    Great thanks for the help!

    HI I am confused about a couple of things now that things are running. The gallery is showing “no page found” once I started editing stuff.

    When I am in the Gallery Settings for thumbnail, which gallery should I choose from the drop-down menu? The one in the child or the parent theme? And then, I guess I should edit the gallery values in the corresponding file? Or should I edit it in both child and parent files?

    Furthermore, I would like to make the width of the gallery 100%, will that work if I put % in?


    Just wanted to check in again, I’m not able to change any of the parameters by editing the “gallery-dop-thumbnail-gallery” file. I’ve tried editing both the child and the parent file.

    I thought I’d check in one more time.

    Marius Support Team #8529


    We are almost done … please send us admin login info and we will finish today.

    Thank you

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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