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  • I have purchased Wall/Grid Gallery (jQuery Plugin) and need some help in resolving some issues. As well as, ability to change some functionality.

    I am using 3rd option, where image opens “imbedded” into a page.
    Functions I would like:
    Can navigation always be visible, not while hover?
    Can navigation buttons be text instead of images?
    Can “next” and “previous” buttons be positioned at the bottom of an image or on a <div> underneath the image? I can set margins in css, but different screens, tablets, and mobile devices can make it problematic?
    Can ‘click’ on the opened image be set same as next button, so it will go to the next image in the gallery. Or ‘click’ will close current image and go to the gallery?
    If yes, information on how will be appreciated.

    Image container opens to the height of the gallery. So, if I have three or more rows of images, the opened image is large. Problem is when my gallery have only few images/thumbs, (one row). Opened image container is the height of that row, which is no larger than gallery thumb. SO, can I designate the height of the open image container irrelevant to the gallery height?

    Mobile devices. When I have a gallery with 20+ images, mobile screen spreads the gallery and makes it long. Now, opened image will open to the width of the screen and position it to the center of the gallery, making huge space at the top and bottom and need to be scrolled to the image. When I get to the image, up and down becomes disabled( switching to a mobile navigation, I believe). So image can be only half way or so, making the preview somewhat useless. Can opened image be set to the top of the gallery not the center of height of the gallery?

    Let me know if clarification needed.

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    Can you send me a link?

    Thank you

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    1. The issue with the lightbox on small galleries there is nothing we can do here. The lightbox opens in the container of the gallery, the only solution is to set some dimensions to the gallery.

    2. To remove the white space you have to go to dopwgg/assets/gui/css/jquery.dop.WallGridGallery.css @line 111 and set opacity:0

    Adding opacity: 0; does not work.
    line 111 is
    cursor: pointer;
    left: 0; <–line 111
    position: absolute;
    top: 0;

    Not sure how opacity will change position of a image container.

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    You should add the opacity in Settings -> <strong>LightboxWindowAlpha</strong>.

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