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  • I’ve finally installed the scroller and gotten it up and running (which took about an hour of fiddling with different pieces of code to make it actually _display_ on my web site). I load the scroller with 120×120 images –exactly the size I want shown– and set the thumbnail size to 120×120. But the images are now cropped to around 75 pixels high, no matter what setting I change.

    I’ve tried setting the overall scroller height to 900px –there seems to be some relationship between the height of the entire scroller and the size of the thumbnail, but there’s no apparent rhyme or reason to the relationship. Even if I set the height huge, however, the images are still cropped around 75px high. The container the scoller is in gets larger, but not the scroller itself.

    I’ve tried setting the width wider, but that “blows the images up,” making them grainy while leaving them around 75px high. I’ve tried doubling the height of the images, and they’re still cropped to 75px high. I’ve tried setting the thumbnail size to 240px high, but that just blows the images up, as well, showing the top left corner 120px wide by 75px high. I’ve tried setting every border, padding, and other px setting anyplace I can find it anyplace in the scroller settings to 0px, on every page anyplace in the settings (general and scroller specific) and it still crops the images to around 75px high.

    Frankly, for all the time I’ve spent getting this working, and the completely horrible way the settings work (nothing makes much sense in the settings pages at all –it’s just random stuff thrown all over the place) –and having paid $15 for this thing, I’d have expected something that actually works.

    Does ANYONE have any ideas on how to get the images to stop cropping at 75px high?

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    I found it –thanks so much for the terrific help.

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    We are glad that we could help you.

    What was the solution as I am having the same problem with the wordpress plugin. I have edited the scroller's default settings, but I do not see any of my changes. I only see the cropped thumbnail images. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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    You have to apply the setting to the scroller. When you select a scroller you will see a pencil appear click it and on the right-top you will see a number of different scroller settings.

    Found it. Thanks for the speedy & detailed response!

    Ovidiu Support Team #5052

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