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  • Hello,

    After updating WP, NextGEN Gallery and Thumbnail Scroller, the scroller don’t work anymore.

    I think it is up to jquery.

    I tried

    “if (!wp_script_is(‘jquery’, ‘queue’)){

    After clearing the image cache the scroller works, but only for one time. When visiting the side again scroller don’t show up.

    Could you please help? (my changes already undone)

    Thank you!

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    I checked and the Thumbnail Scroller display and it works perfectly. Where exactly is the problem?

    Thank you.


    thank you for checking.

    For me the Scroller only shows up when visiting the site the first time. After revisiting it’s no longer there (same in Firefox, IE11 and Chrome).

    For example look at the first article in the list and than click on “Fahrbericht: Opel Zafira…” below on the site (under “Ähnliche Artikel” wich means similar articles). Than go back and Thumbnail Scroller is gone.


    i’ve updated NGG to 2.0.63 – still not working.

    Can you confirm the problem described?

    Any idea?

    Many thanks in advance

    Oana Support Team #15974


    Trying to find a solution to your problem in the shortest time, we will announce it.

    Thank you.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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