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  • Hi,
    can I change the search result from
    Start at $85
    Start at $85 up to € xy

    I see that there is a setting in
    backend – translation
    [Search – Front end] Start at %s %s calls the lowest price…
    BUT there is no code for Start at %s to %h or so….

    I am asking for the price range becourse in the hotel area are quite differnt price during the year.
    so the lowest price could sometime be a little bit confusing in the search result ….
    from to – would be at least a good way to go…

    Sabina Support Team #64485


    You can use the option “Filter results by price” from the Search settings.

    Best Regards,
    Support Team


    I would like an other way to sort files or display results!

    It is about the prices displayed

    The standard search result will put a Start price for an found item for example… if the cheapest price set is $ 85,00
    The search result would wright:
    Start at $85

    AND I would like to have:
    S tart at $85 max $ 105,00

    That’s what I want.
    So where does the minimum price range come from?
    Can I print out the max price too
    And of course:
    Put these 2 Informations togheter
    min. Price – max Price

    Ok – the file for that could be:
    and / or

    I have to change that file to??

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    … price_max

    .($DOPBSP->classes->price->set($calendar->price_min, –> price_max doesnt work… :-(

    I found a file:
    there at line 275 it says:

    there is price_max


    doesn’t work to print the max price…

    Where is my error?

    Sabina Support Team #64778

    You want to display the price like in the demo page yes ?

    Enable the option “Filter results by price” from the Search settings.

    Best Regards,
    Support Team

    I would like a from-to price

    In the demo page it is:

    Start at $85

    I would need:
    From € 50 – € 100

    So it is
    price_min – price_max
    Just imagine the cheapest time of the year – non season and the most expensive time of the year – lets say New Year or Xmas.
    … why?
    Well if you look at an offer during peek season most expensiv time of the year and you look at .. lets say double rooms
    the start price printed/shown here is the very cheapest price.
    That can be quite disturbing if the actual offer is so much heigher…!
    a Price Range $ 20 – $ 50


    Sabina Support Team #64856

    Your request to display in the Search results the price range is possible as custom work.
    We charge for custom work.

    You can use the Price filter under the date picker, like in the demo page.

    Best Regards,
    Support Team

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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