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  • Hello,

    I’m using the installation instructions here:

    I have the nexgen gallery installed, I uploaded the nggallery folder to my active child theme folder via FTP and then I used the shortcode [nggallery id=1 template=dop-thumbnail-gallery] but nothing appears on the page.

    I’ve verified that the nexgen gallery works and I used a standard gallery to test.

    After reviewing the nexgen shortcodes ( I realized that the format of the shortcode I was given from dot on paper is not in the same format. I tried rewriting the shortcode to [ngg_images gallery_ids=”1″ display_type=”dop-thumbnail-gallery”] but I get the following message when I view the page:

    “Default Gallery Type Template
    This is the default gallery type template, located in:

    If you’re seeing this, it’s because the gallery type you selected has not provided a template of it’s own.”

    Please help. Thanks!

    Oana Support Team #24164


    Please send us WP admin & FTP login info, in a private reply, so we can have a look.

    Thank you.

    how do I send this to you?

    Oana Support Team #24435


    Please send us the admin info on the forum by marking the “Set as private reply”.

    Thank you.

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    Oana Support Team #24592


    Use a child theme and to function properly the template must be in both themes, parent and child theme.
    Here’s the link:

    Thank you.

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