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  • Our thumb scroller scrolls OVER our menu;
    We have other sliders and scrollers, they all work perfectly.
    Please help me resolve this.
    No, you may not have login info to my site. You may tell me what I need to do to remedy the issue.
    Thank you,

    Oana Support Team #24923


    If you don’t want to see the scoller, one solution would be to change the opacity for

    and for

    to 1.

    Thank you.

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    So, that’s your answer? Why is it, when we scroll down the page, does the slider want to be on TOP of our menus? Seems this isn’t coded well.
    I paid for a plugin, I want it to work properly.
    Your answer is rubbish.
    Please release a fix for this.

    This is supposed to be a responsive slider. That’s why I bought it. None of our other sliders have this issue.
    We need a remedy asap please.
    Not a “hack it up”.

    Oana Support Team #24976

    Hello TIm.

    We tested it and it works perfectly, and our product is responsive.
    What OS and browser are you using?

    Thank you.

    I’m using Windows 7, 64 bit, Chrome.
    My partner tested on Mac, using Chrome.
    It is responsive, for the most part. That’s not the problem.
    I need a SOLUTION to the Thumb Scroller being ON TOP of my menus when the page is scrolled down.
    It does this on MOBILE devices as well.
    Please solve the problem and stop giving me bland answers.
    I need a solution NOW!

    What did you test that works perfectly? The thumb scroller rolls across the menus on android phones, iphones, computers, macs… This is a problem and we need it resolved. Can you help with this or not?
    If so, please tell me exactly what I need to do to make it work.
    I have the scrollers on one page only, the page and it is it’s own page template, so I can add any custom html or css to the page template it self.
    Please, help me resolve this. We are a big company and trusted your plugin to work for us.

    We want to see the scroller on the page
    We want our menu to roll over the scroller, as it does for every other page content when you scroll the page.
    Something in the thumb scroller is preventing this from going behind our navigation.
    Please help resolve this so we can move forward.

    Oana Support Team #25206


    I tested on Mac, using Chrome and works perfectly, you can see in the screen shot:

    Please update your browser.

    Thank you.

    Keep scrolling. Some go behind, some go in FRONT.
    Stop arguing with me. I am telling you I have tested this across ALL BROWSERS, all platforms. Check on your MOBILE. It’s messed up there too.

    Please spend more than 10 seconds on this and actually try to understand what I am saying. This is extremely frustrating for us as we cannot get this to work properly and it has been almost a month since we purchased it.

    You can see it here also,
    Scroll the page, the thumb scroller goes ON TOP of the main navigation.
    This is not correct.
    Would you please create a fix for this and explain EXACTLY what we need to do to remedy this?
    Thank you,

    Oana Support Team #25253


    Please send some screenshots to see where the problem occurs.

    Thank you.

    You have got to be joking me.
    Go to or
    Both pages, we use the thumb scroller.
    Both pages the thumb scroller GOES OVER THE MENU when you scroll to something below the thumb scroller.
    This is BROKEN.
    Our other sliders do not do this and therefore, we know the issue is new.
    We have been trying, unsuccessfully, to use this thumb scroller as it should be, but can’t. This is an issue.
    This has been tested on mobile, PC, Mac, all show the menu UNDER the thumb scroller.
    Rev Slider Working
    Thumb Scroller before menu
    Thumb Scroller over menu
    Thumb Scroller over menu
    Thumb Scroller meet team over menu

    Why does it take SO LONG to get support?

    What you don’t seem to understand is WE KNOW HOW to add CSS and change settings to make the plugin work correctly. My issue is WE SHOULDN’T HAVE TO!
    Would you please update your plugin so it actually WORKS properly and we don’t have to hack our site up?

    Your plugin does not work as described. It is BROKEN.

    Marian Support Team #25931


    I’ve made a test and everything looks perfect. You can see here a screenshot :
    Try to clear your cache.

    Best Regards,
    Support Team

Viewing 18 posts - 1 through 18 (of 18 total)

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