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    You need a feature added to this item? Please say it here. We will try to add it in a future update.

    Child theme support

    Bulk image delete

    It would be nice if we could change caption font size and style. Also would be nice if captions worked in ie 8.

    Can you add the ability to attach a website link to each photo in a gallery? It would be in the area where you edit an individual photo. Maybe add an input field to paste a URL in.

    It would be really nice, if you could choose to make the lightbox appear when clicking the large picture in your gallery. This is how most lightboxes work, so that’s kind of what you expect :)

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    Is it possible to have captions displayed when the gallery is in full screen mode?



    Auto-hide only on buttons, not on thumbnails.

    The ability to have an album which has multiple galleries in it. When viewing the album, it would show a static thumbnail of each gallery. When you click on the gallery thumbnail, the gallery would display with the same functionality it does now.

    Ability to choose the roundness of the corners. From square to whatever radius is specified in the settings.

    1. Control the float position of thumbnails (left, center or right)
    2. Multiselect galleries, edit them
    3. One click update of settings to multiple galleries
    4. rectangular thumbnail creation

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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