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  • Hi, I’m trying to use the thumbnail-scroller but unlucky it doesn´t work.
    I can use the json version or th xml version and it’s always the same.
    Whan i change the path of images in content.json or xml, and I upload the page, the scroller does’nt load, it`s like if it doesn’t like internal path…the original link is×108 and it’s external, have i use only external Link? I can’t understand.

    Thank you for the help

    Oana Support Team #10010


    Please send us the admin and FTP info login in a private reply to check where is the problem.

    Thank you.

    …sorry. What´s admin info login?
    and how can i reply privately?

    Oana Support Team #10024


    Please send us the FTP info login on the forum by marking the “Set as private reply”.

    Thank you.

    This reply content has been deleted.

    This is an automatic action, which occurs after a week, if the user provided sensitive information in a private reply.

    Oana Support Team #10158

    Hello Paolo,
    I’m sorry for the late response.
    1 – It’s not possible. Please read the documentation.

    2 – I modified the code and title and caption worked and displayed correctly until you have deleted all.

    3- Blog Mansory it’s not compatible with Blog list, therefore can not be displayed both in the same page.

    Thank you and we wish you a wonderful day.

    So i understood point 1 and 3 for the point 2 i can`t understand.
    Why you sayed I have cancelled all? …
    Yesterday i charged new files on the server, but I didn´t know you changed something, I was thinking you send me a message writing me what i have to change. Sorry when i made it,but really i can´t undertsand why you dindn´t wrote me something about, how can i know it?

    I think now i have the same problem, but I don´t know because unlucky the scroller at this page doesn´t work

    but at the index page yes

    I don´t know if you made some changements and where.

    I hope it will be a nice day

    Oana Support Team #10190


    I made these changes on Tuesday afternoon and I have not managed to tell you, considering that you will notice.
    At the moment, I changed one of us files. What remains for you to do, is to follow the pattern I started. Please check.

    Thank you.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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