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  • I received an email this morning from Code Canyon at 4:58am GMT that a new update was available for the plugin.

    This firstly surprised me as I have already licensed the plugin with my email and license code to receive automatic updates as stated within the plugin installation. (However the plugin documentation is still stating a manual upgrade must be performed)

    I tried to update from version 2.1.2 to 2.1.3 by downloading the files from Code Canyon, but it would appear the files downloaded are not for version 2.1.3, you still have only version 2.1.2 available for download from Code Canyon as of 8:17am GMT.

    Can you please provide the correct download files and also advise as to when and why the automatic updates will be working?

    Kind regards,


    Good Morning,

    I received the last email as well but not it says not supported by DotOnPaper?

    Last time I received the upgrade notice CodeCanyon has removed the upgrade two days later.

    Would like to know as well where to find the correct files and support situtation please.



    Sabina Support Team #64589


    Please read the announcement.

    Best Regards,
    Support Team

    Hi Sabina,

    Thanks for the link. I have downloaded and updated.

    However, automatic updates were meant to work in 2.1.2, so why do I still have to manually update?

    I remember receiving that announcement, however, why send out an update through Code Canyon to download an update from them when it’s not actually possible?

    Kind regards,


    I can not find link for 2.1.3

    Sabina Support Team #64655


    CodeCanyon is not receiving any plugin updates anymore.
    I will get back to you about the automatic updates.


    Follow the link for more information.

    Best Regards,
    Support Team

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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