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  • Hi everyone,

    I have a serious problem and I am looking for your help. I will need to write a custom code and ask for your help to show me the right way.

    In my opinion, there is a HUGE bug in the calendar (at least in my version. I cannot update it since I added several custom lines of code)

    In my calendars, I have 5 available slots every day and only 1 available reservation of each slot. So, if someone books for a specific datetime, there will not be available for anyone else.

    The BUG. If I open the same calendar in two tabs, I can place a booking in one tab and then go to the second tab and place a booking for the exact same date time. There isn’t any check on the database if specific date time has been booked in the meantime.

    So, since I have a lot of traffic in my website, I ended up with 3-4 reservations at the same date time when I offer only 1.

    I want to write a code, which will check the database for a reservation the selected date time and if there is one, it will return a message that it is not available any more.

    It is really important and certainly a bug that makes the plugin unusable. So, please, give me any hint that could help me.

    Sabina Support Team #64682


    What version are you using ?
    In the last version only the first user to click the Book button makes the reservation.

    Best Regards,
    Support Team

    Version 2.0.7 bought from Envato

    Sabina Support Team #64742

    Can you update the plugin to the last version ?

    Best Regards,
    Support Team

    Unfortunately, I have some many custom parts that will create more problems than the update solves.

    I don’t ask to do it for me. But if you could point me to the function that does this check, I could update it in a test server, grab that code and place it to the original site.

    Sabina Support Team #64863

    I am sorry for the late reply.

    Please write on the new support forum to help with your request.

    Best Regards,
    Support Team

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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