Support rules

We recommend reading this before you buy one of our item. We are not a “Yes sir” team and our client is not our master.

1. Before you buy:

  • Please make sure the item is what you are looking for and has the features you need.
    If you are not sure if the item has the feature you want, please ask on (the) item’s comments page.
  • Please make sure you know what the item is and how to use it. Don’t buy a JavaScript item and expect it to work with WordPress.

2. What you receive when you buy an item:

  • The files with the functionality at the moment of purchase. We are not obliged to add extra features to any item just because you purchased it, we add them because we want to improve our items.
  • Support only for bugs, item related issues and very small modifications (a few minutes of work). This is not mandatory, but we offer it to improve our items. We will deny it if you abuse it and we will ban you from this forum.
  • Free unlimited updates. Keep in mind that release dates are random, and the announced ones can change.

3. What you DO NOT receive when you buy an item:

  • You do not receive a team of developers that will make free modifications to the item (custom work) and satisfy your every whim. You will be banned from our Support Forums.

4. When you are asking for support:

  • Try your best to be polite. Some problems are basic and can be fixed reading the documentation.
  • Please read the documentation. Usage and some bugs are described there.
  • Be aware of the fact that we may not fix your problem instantly.
  • If the error is from your side, and not from our plugin, we may not have too much work around options, in order to help you.

5. What we expect from you when asking for support:

  • Write short and to the point descriptions of the problem you encounter. Don’t write hundred of lines to describe something simple.
  • If you have done any modifications tell us. You will still receive support, but we don’t want to lose time searching for the problem.
  • To have the programing knowledge when asking for instructions on how to modify the code. Don’t say it does not work and when we go on your server nothing is done. We will ban you for wasting our time.

6. What we will do on your server if you send us login details:

  • We will search for error logs, activate/deactivate plugins/themes, add track code to see where the error is, add/remove content …
  • Please state in the initial topic: “You have permission to do modifications on my server.”, or we will implicitly understand that we have permissions to make changes.